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Alan P. Venook, M.D.

Alan P. Venook, M.D.

Professor of Clinical Medicine
Division of Hematology Oncology
Department of Medicine 

Box 1705, UCSF; San Francisco, CA 94143-1705
(415) 353-9888 (appts)
(415) 353-9959 (fax)
[email protected]

Dr. Alan Venook is a nationally renowned expert in colorectal and liver cancers at UCSF Medical Center where he leads the Gastrointestinal Oncology clinical program. He also is a professor of clinical medicine at UCSF and is the director of the UCSF Cancer Center Clinical Research Office at the Mount Zion site.

His research focuses on treating liver tumors with directed approaches, including infusional chemotherapy or biological agents. Venook earned a bachelor's degree from Rutgers University in 1976 and graduated from the UCSF School of Medicine in 1980. He spent two years in the Public Health Service following internship, and trained in internal medicine at the University of California, Davis and in hematology and oncology at UCSF. He has been on the medical staff at UCSF since 1988.